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You can’t be too careful

Anonymous said: Hello dear, wanted to let you know your blog is amazing! I am following you! I would like to ask you to my fashion website (there is a link in my blog, under the title) ? :) Thank you very much dear! :)

you are anonymous. i can’t.

Things that help me feel better.

I’m not a “happy person.” So here’s a list of shit I do to make myself happy.

  1. Shower: It’s like I’m a new person when I get out.
  2. Hugs: Someone, anyone. It feels good
  3. Long runs outdoors: I just like running. Plus my running playlist is full of my two guilty pleasures, Paramore and Nikki Minaj. Shit is just so catchy and feel-good.
  4. Hit the gym: Sweating is sexy. So therefore, I feel good.
  5. Cuddling: Because my boyfriend makes me feel all warm and gay inside.
  6. Yoga: I don’t meditate, but stretching and moving through my vinyasa is so rejuvenating.
  7. Nap: I’m not sure if this makes me feel happy, but it’s a good distraction.
  8. Poetry: I always have a poem book on hand, which is always read out of order. If I like a particular poem, I book mark that page to reference to later in times when I feel like shit (also to quote on twitter). 
  9. Scented candles: I got a Vanilla Chai lit up right now.
  10. Blogging: I feel better already.

devon aoki for o.z.o.c s/s 1999

Xiao Wen Ju by Angelo Pennetta
Do you think its possible
that some people
are born to give
more love
than they will ever
get back
in return?

Tyler Knott Gregson

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